Julia Gilmore


Julia Gilmore’s artistic vision can be attributed to the juxtaposition of her rural roots and a sophisticated urban background. Raised in a small New Hampshire town, Julia migrated north to Montreal. Completing a Fine Arts Degree at Concordia University, she flourished in the Montreal art scene; staging several successful solo art shows as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions.

Bold, minimal, representational oil paintings with affection for rich colours and textures

Today, Julia travels to various major U.S. cities throughout spring, summer and fall to show her work at prestigious outdoor art exhibitions. Julia’s work is represented by several U.S. galleries and hangs in a number of private and corporate collections.

Artist Statement


What do they tell writers? "Write what you know." I paint what I know. What I know and what I see is a world filled with an intense beauty even in mundane everyday objects. Armed with tubes of oil paint and a palette knife I carve and create paintings that elevate ordinary prosaic subject matter to a vibrant exuberant level of iconic imagery by using vintage objects to tell a story and create visceral connections with memory and the past. In a direct straightforward joie de vivre expression of vivid color and gestural texture my artwork re-examines the temporal world around us and reaffirms a zest and love for life.

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