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I hate booking hotel rooms…


…because of this I’m always driving late into the night with no clue where I’ll rest my road weary head…and that’s when I call my “Guardian Angel of Hotels” my middle sister Lisa far away on a dirt road safely tucked in her lovely little nest in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire who armed with an atlas and 2 tin cans for a computer hook up sacrifices loss of sleep and hopefully not the education of her Grade 2 class…keeps me company on the road and guides me to safety & sleep.


So much for my other co-pilot…

…who was no help keeping me awake on this trip!

Finally Texas!!! But let me tell you it’s a long way from Texarkana to Houston…296 of the longest miles with nothing but empty darkness…
…lucky for me I remembered my advance copy of the not yet released brand new hot off the presses disc by those Rockabilly Darlings the Royal Crowns titled Volume 3…and their new disc proves again they are the Kings of late night driving music with a new disc full of Red Hot and Cool Twanging Tunes that melted away the miles and rocked me down the road to Houston…thanks guys!!!!




I have 2 older sisters that claim they never hear from me unless I’m on the road with nothing to do but drive….maybe so…

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Road Signs


This can’t be a good sign!


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